Printed Tape For Packaging And Brand Building

At Laces India we offer best solutions as per needs and requirements of individual industry at cheap price. We are the Double Sided Tape Manufacturer narrow fabrics manufacturer and exporter in India. We have numbers of experience in providing quality product, curing wrappingHave you ever had a failure from your pressure sensitive tape and could not really explain why? You took the time to clean and prep the surfaces, you made sure that you followed all the normal procedures only to have the tape fail?

Unfortunately, I have seen it a few times in my career. It is not the phone call I like to receive. So let’s explore one of those “x” factors.

One of the considerations one must face is temperature. This one thing can effect so much of what we do with tape. Did you apply the tape under the right temperature? What types of temperatures will the tape endure once it leaves your location? Will it see many types of temperatures due to being taken indoors and outdoors? Many things to think about.

To understand how temperatures can take such a toll on tape, a basic understanding of the chemistry behind the adhesive is needed. While I am not a chemist, I have learned enough through my experience in the tape industry to have a solid understanding of how tape works.

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