Baby Cot Sheets (Fitted and Flat)

We are going to look at cot sheets and things you should consider when choosing baby bedding.

The standard cot mattress size is 60 x 120 cms which is what bedding manufacturers tend to work to when making fitted and flat sheets. Bespoke beds may measure anything from 122 x 61 cms and upwards. So when you’re buying a standard fitted cot sheet the elasticated edge will give sufficient coverage to the four sizes of the doona 三輪車 mattress. If you are buying for a slightly larger mattress (as previously stated) and you choose a standard fitted sheet (120 x 60 cms) then you should expect the elasticated sides to only partially cover the edge of the mattress without overstretching the material. This isn’t to much of a problem if use the sheet in conjunction with a waterproof cot mattress protector. We should mention at this point that it is a good idea to use a mattress protector as it enables you to use a soft sheet on top which can be frequently changed and preserves the life of the mattress.


Cot fitted sheets are available from a number of manufacturers in a wide range of colours. The main colours are obviously white, cream, pink and blue. Other colours including yellow, mint green and aqua are quite easy to obtain if you are trying to colour match with your babies nursery room. Jersey cotton is the main fabric used for the weave as it is warm, stretchy and soft for your baby. Jersey cotton is usually made from a combination of cotton and synthetic.


The Quality of the cotton weave will vary between manufacturers which will obviously affect the price. All fitted cot sheets regardless of the price, should last the duration (that includes frequent machine washes). The recommended temperature for washing jersey cotton sheets is 40 degrees C (but always refer to the manufacturers washing instructions).

We mentioned using a mattress protector on your babies cot mattress but advances in manufacturing have meant that you can get ultra soft 100% waterproof fitted sheets. More recently the new Tencel technology has meant that waterproof cot mattress protectors look more like standard fitted cot sheets with many of the same properties (warm and breathable and not too bulky).


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