Revlon ColorStay Foundation Review

Revlon ColorStay Foundation Review

I have heard a lot about Revlon ColorStay and I was really excited to try it. I am currently experimenting with MAC Face and Body Foundation- for its great staying power during the summer (oily, sweaty) months. It is holding up really well- but the coverage is very sheer. I wanted to find something that will work for those days that you want staying power and full coverage – and Revlon ColorStay will def. do both! I am not big on drugstore makeup because I always find that they smell strange, clog my pores and I end up buying so many because I cant test them on my skin to find a perfect match.

Revlon ColorStay doesn’t have a gross Best Straighteners for Curly Hair smell- actually I cannot really smell much of anything, it also hasn’t clogged my pores or caused itching and drying. I still was unable to try it on- but lucky enough this time i pulled my perfect color- it matched my sun tanned skin really nicely.

I applied it with my new favorite MAC brush #130 in a swirl motion all over my skin and topped it off with power. I got a really full coverage from it! It even dried very mat- unlike my MAC Face and Body- I almost did not even really need to apply powder.

I have been test driving it for a bit now- I have worn it to play badminton, to the beach and yes very bad- for a run in the blazing heat-AND- it really really stood up to the test. I mean the stuff isn’t transfer proof- but if you break a sweat, or get oily and you dap it – not much comes off onto the towel or napkin- AND best oaf all it doesn’t streak down your face. It is really an excellent product. I have been more than impressed by it.

If I had to look for something bad to say about it- I would say that you do have to use a lot to get coverage- I think because it is so thick it doesn’t thin out and spread like- MAC Studio Fix or Select Fluid foundation. I have been going through it faster than MAC Studio Fix Fluid. I find it applies better with a brush than with your fingers because it is so thick it really needs to be blended- and lets face it brushes blend into your little nooks and crannies better than your fingers.

I know I have been mentioning its thickness but I do not want you to get an idea of a 1mm thick layer of foundation laying on top of your face! It is a tab thicker than MAC Studio Fix, but it feels completely weightless and comfortable on.

So if you want:

– Full Coverage
– Long Lasting
– Non Greasy/ dewy
– Liquid Foundation you can get down in and dance the night away in

Than I suggest that you go to your drugstore and pick this product up and give it a good try.

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